Geese Invading Your Yard? What You Can Do About Them

Geese may be beautiful when you see them from far away or when you see them flying up in the sky, but if you have them in your yard, they can be quite a nuisance. These pests can leave a mess in their wake and can tear apart your yard if you don't do something about them. If they are in your yard, they could possibly have goslings nearby and may come back year after year to lay their eggs. If you have an issue with these pests, there are a few things you may be able to do to get rid of them. Read on for helpful information.

Set Out A Decoy Or Two

You may need to set out a decoy to help get rid of these pests. Use an owl, hawk, or dog decoy to help scare off these pests. You may need to move the decoy around your yard to scare these pests away and you should also use decoys that move on their own to scare the geese away. Set a few decoys around your yard if you need to, especially if you have an issue with a lot of geese.

Set Up A Sprinkler System

Set a sprinkler system in your yard that is motion detected and will go off when the geese land in the yard. They may love the water, but the sprinkler going off may scare them suddenly enough that they are scared away. Another thing you can use is a loud noise that goes off when motion is detected to help scare these pests away. You can find these types of motion detectors at your local hardware store or anywhere that sells pest control items.

Don't Feed These Pests

To help keep these pests away, you need to be sure you aren't feeding these pests in any way. Don't give them bird seed or bread, or any other type of feed. Put away anything that may be used for food for these pests. They may just be there eating grass, in which case, you don't have much of a choice in what they are eating. 

If you have a problem with geese in your yard and they are creating a war zone in your yard or tearing apart your grass, you should hire a professional pest control expert that can handle wildlife removal to get rid of these pests and move them elsewhere. Don't attempt to handle these pests, as they can bite you and cause injury to you. 

For more information about wildlife removal, contact a local company.