What Termite Treatment Options Are Available

There are many types of pests that can invade a home. One of the worst types of pests, though, is the termite. These types of insects invade your home and can destroy the wooden structures that your home is dependent on. There are several treatment options that a termite extermination specialist can use to eliminate your termite infestation.

Liquid Soil Treatments

Certain types of termites, such as subterranean termites, live in soil. Therefore, it can be very effective to treat the soil with insecticides that will kill your termite infestation. The simplest approach is to use a sprayer to apply the termite treatment. However, this type of treatment does not last as long.

If you would like to apply a more long-lasting termite treatment, you'll need to dig trenches and apply the termite treatment at the bottom of the trench. This treatment will kill termites in their lairs because they will carry the insecticide with them and spread the chemical among other termites. Even after the infestation has been exterminated, the treatment will continue to kill new termites that invade your property.

Wood Treatments

For other types of termites, you will need to treat the wood to be able to exterminate them. There are several wood treatments that a termite pest control expert will use. They might inject a spray into the wood. They might use a special foam that will permeate into the wood.

Borate wood treatment not only eliminates existing termites but also prevents termites from infesting the wood in the future. The best time to treat a building material is right before the building is constructed.


Bait stations are another common method used to kill termites. Rather than trying to kill the termites directly, you will set up a bait station so that the termites can consume the bait and become poisoned.

When this occurs, the termites will also carry the bait back to their colonies and poison other termites. In this scenario, the poison is designed to kill the termites slowly. The bait usually consists of wooden stakes that are placed throughout your property. 

Follow-Up Inspections

Regardless of what treatment option is used, you will need to have your home inspected for termites by a pest control service each year. This will help you make sure that termites do not take up residence on your property in the future. If previous treatments were not effective, the exterminator may try other options.

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