Residential Wildlife Tracking, Trapping, And Removal Strategies

Wild animals that are in search of warm quarters and food may enter a residential property or home during the winter. Even though animals may seem to be more of a nuisance during the coldest months of the year, some species may also invade land at alternate times of the year. Tracking animals and setting up a removal plan should be conducted if signs of land or home disruption are present on your property.

The Signs

Wildlife species that may require extermination services are dependent upon the region you reside in and the type of property you own. Birds, squirrels, snakes, raccoons, bears, and deer are some common species that may become problematic within North America. The signs that intruders are present can range anywhere from the presence of droppings to visual indications of damage to a piece of property or home.

Some wildlife species can be safely-monitored and removed. For example, if a field mouse spotting or signs of one being present is a concern, you can set your own traps and remove one or more rodents yourself. Wild animal sightings or signs that a large creature is present should not be treated as a trivial pest problem.

If there is any indication that a potentially dangerous or unpredictable animal is on your property, hiring a wildlife removal team is essential. In most cases, a wildlife team will first conduct a walkthrough of a piece of property or home. Then, they will outline a safe and humane way to track and trap the animals. This may involve the use of baiting stations and transport methods. 

The Removal Process

If you have bears or another dangerous animal species on your land, an extermination team will first attempt to remove the animals from your land. This may involve a staggered sighting and capture process. The animals safety and your safety will be critical during the removal process. Any areas of your property where animals have been frequenting should be avoided, until you have received approval to access the land.

Your extermination team will outline the capturing methods that they will attempt to use. Upon eliminating wildlife, you should have your land and residence thoroughly inspected. Routine land maintenance techniques, including the removal of fallen debris and the covering of trash and other waste items, will deter wildlife. Having repairs made to your home will prevent wildlife from being able to easily access your residence.

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