How Do You Know When Your Bug Problem Is Out Of Control?

There's no such thing as a bug-free home. Nearly every homeowner has dealt with minor infestations in the past, whether it's an errant silverfish, a handful of fruit flies, or a line of ants marching towards a sugary treat. While these issues can be frustrating and even a little bit disgusting, they're often minor problems that don't require professional attention.

However, some problems with bugs can be far more extreme. Unfortunately, severe issues rarely resolve on their own, and substantial infestations usually mean there's a breeding population within the home. If you can't seem to beat back your buggy problem, watch out for these three signs that you may need some professional pest control backup.

1. You Can't Identify an Entry Point

Many insects essentially enter the home through opportunistic means. For example, moths may fly in through an open door, or ants can march through a small gap near a window. These infestations usually have a clear point of entry, and you can often resolve them by buttoning up the hole or simply dealing with the bugs already in your house.

On the other hand, repeatedly spotting the same type of insect without any clear entry point can be a sign of trouble. In many cases, this may indicate that you have a nest and a breeding population within your home. If you can't find the source, you'll usually want professional help as soon as possible to keep the problem from getting out of control.

2. There's a Threat to Your Health

Most insects you'll find in your home are relatively harmless, even if they do make your skin crawl. Of course, this isn't true for every bug that decides to cohabitate in your space. Just as certain types of wildlife such as rodents or birds may be harmful, some bugs can act as disease vectors that may threaten your health.

Cockroaches and bed bugs are the two most critical pests posing a health hazard. While bed bugs can be an extreme and unpleasant annoyance, cockroaches can potentially contaminate food and other items they touch. In both cases, you'll want to call in a professional pest control service to ensure you deal with the problem as thoroughly as possible.

3. Your Property Is at Risk

Even if the bugs in your home aren't threatening your health, they may be damaging your property. Termites are one obvious example that can quickly cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars of damage to your home. Moths can also sometimes infest a house, pupating and multiplying through the winter. As they become more active in the spring, they can quickly destroy valuable clothing items.

If a bug infestation is causing damage to your property, professional pest control is usually a far more cost-effective option than do-it-yourself solutions. While you might spend more upfront, you'll be able to resolve the issue thoroughly while minimizing damage to your property. 

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