A Summertime Bug Bonanza: 5 Reasons For A Summertime Pest Inspection

A pest inspection is an important part of pest control. And summertime is the ideal time to arrange a pest inspection on your property. Like humans, animals and insects alike become much more active in the summer months.

If you haven't arranged for a pest inspection on your property yet this year, then here are some good reasons why summertime might be the time to do so.

1. Pests are most active during summer

Summer has everything that a typical pest needs to thrive. The warmth and the abundance of food in the summer months means that pests of all shapes and sizes, from cockroaches to rats, are more active than at other times of the year. A pest inspection can help you to determine which pests are likely to become a problem for you this summer.

2. Some pests attract other pests

Summertime pests often prey on each other. For instance, yellow-jacket wasps feed prey from over 15 different arthropod orders to their young. A garden full of spiders, flies, butterflies and cockroaches is very enticing for a nearby yellow jacket colony. Spiders can also become a huge problem if your property has a bountiful supply of common pests like flies, cockroaches and ants.

3. Property-damaging pests are worse during summer

Summertime is prime time for property-damaging pests such as termites, carpenter ants and rodents. And these pests aren't always visible. Termites attack from the soil, carpenter ants can attack via your roof, and rodents are most active at night. A pest inspection can identify potential risks before these pests take advantage during summer.

4. You spend more time outside during summer

If you, like most people, want to spend more time outdoors and on your own property this coming summer, then a pest inspection can help you bring down the number of pests. A pest inspection in early summer can help you to control wasp, mosquito, spider and rodent populations on your property.

5. Many pests seek to go indoors at summer's end

At the end of summer, some pests such as bats, rodents, cockroaches, and stinkbugs head indoors, where they can see out the winter safely. If these pests are prevalent on your property during summer, then an autumn invasion of your home is a real possibility. With a pest inspection to help you identify pests, you can eradicate these unwanted guests and prevent autumn infestations.

A pest inspection in early summer can identify pests before they become a problem. And if you eradicate pests early, you can then enjoy your summer on your own property without having to contend with bugs and other annoying pests. To learn more, contact a company like EcoNet Pest Control.