Nature's Pattern Of Pests

A pest is any insect or animal that is harmful or a nuisance to human beings. Have you ever noticed that there is a pattern to what pests try to enter your home, depending on the time of year? Pest control services are routinely charged with extricating pests from places of residence or business, no matter the season. There are a few things that you, as a homeowner, can do to protect your household from pests, and it has to do with anticipating their natural yearly patterns. 

March to June

Springtime is when the whole world seems to come alive. When winter defrosts and warmer spring air starts to become constant, many insects and small animals will begin to emerge from their winter hiding places and look for something to eat. Most pests celebrate this newness of life by enjoying a mating season. You will probably notice an increase of pests around your home, with the occasional intrusion of bugs looking for food.

June to October

House pests are not common in the summer since they really have everything they could ever want outside. However, a common pest that makes summers less enjoyable is the dreaded mosquito. Many pest control services offer mosquito spraying which could help you to more fully enjoy your home, yard, and garden.

October to December

When it starts to get cold again many insects and small animals begin a frantic search for warmth and shelter. If you notice an influx of bugs and spiders, you may want to leave some small insect traps around your home. Mice are also common autumn pests, often trying to break-in in order to make a nest for the winter. If a mouse was going to try and break into your home, it would most likely happen during the fall. Make sure that you are taking every precaution to seal up any entrance that they could find into your home.

December to March

As previously stated, the winter months are a time of hibernation and survival for most insects and small animals. Besides the ones who may seek refuge from the storm, you will not likely have many uninvited home visitors.

If you would like more information about pest control services for your home, talk to your local pest control specialist. Being aware of nature's pattern of pests can help you to be ready to protect your home before the pests become a problem. Visit a website like to learn more.