Bugs You Might Think Twice About Eliminating From Your Home And Why

If things with a lot of legs gives you the heebie-jeebies, you are not alone. Most people shriek in fear and terror when a centipede three inches long darts over their floor or across their walls, and spiders just give most everyone the creeps. You may be tempted to call pest control services to deal with these bugs, and you are certainly right to do so. However, there are a few things you should know about your unwanted multi-legged creepy-crawlies before you attempt to eradicate them from your living space. 

Centipedes Are Arthropods That Can Kill and Consume Spiders

If you ever wondered if a centipede and a spider got into a rumble which would win, then you should know that the centipede is a bug in the class Arthropeda, and it can kill and eat a spider. Most centipedes probably would not bother going after a spider if there are other, less troublesome insects around for it to eat, but if a centipede is especially hungry and spiders are plentiful, it will absolutely go after a spider, kill it with its venom, and eat it. (Yes, centipedes are venomous!) If you seem to have a lot of centipedes in your house, but not that many spiders at all, this may be why. Getting rid of the centipedes may pave the way for spiders to invade your home again. 

Things with Many Legs Typically Indicate a Much Larger Problem You Cannot See

Spiders come inside to get out of the cold, but they also come inside when there appears to be ample food for them to catch and consume. Centipedes and millipedes will enter the cracks in your foundation, and then crawl out when the foundation gets too wet for them in the spring. Like spiders, they will not come into your home unless there is a supply of food for them somewhere. Additionally, they like damp, rot, mold, and mildew-y places, which could mean that you have some of these issues in the home, along with nests of other insects you cannot see and definitely do not want present (e.g., ants, termites, etc.). 

Look for Structural Problems, Damage, and Possible Insect Invasions Before Destroying All Pests

The nice thing is, you can at least take the sightings of these bugs and arachnids to heart and ask pest control to check for signs of other infestations. Pest control technicians can root out everything from ants to cockroaches, and then treat your entire home for all of the above. If there is rot and cracks, you may want to hire contractors to fix those problems so other insects do not attempt to invade your home later. 

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