Why Ongoing Pest Control Is Important

There are a lot of reasons why you should hire a commercial pest control company to come out every few months to spray the interior and the exterior of your home. However, this article is just going to cover the main reasons why this is important to you as a homeowner.

Pests are unhealthy for you

There are many ways in which many pests are just not healthy for you and everyone else who lives in your house with you. Just a few examples of pests that are unhealthy to people include roaches, whose excrement can cause respiratory issues, many types of spiders that can be dangerous to humans when they bite, and mice that can cause illnesses like hantavirus through their dry excrement and which can carry rabies.

Pests are unhealthy for your pets

Not only do pests pose health risks to you, but your pets can also be negatively affected. Fleas can lead to worms and allergic reactions, spider bites can also be dangerous for your pets, and mosquitoes can lead to heartworm. Also, certain ticks can cause Lyme disease in both humans and pets.

Pests can be troublesome for your home

There are many pests that can destroy your home. Rodents can cause problems for your home by chewing the wiring, PVC pipes, insulation, wood, and carpet. Termites and carpenter ants can be very destructive to the wood in your home. While termites actually eat away at the wood, carpenter ants only chew away at the wood to make tunnels. No matter why they chew the wood, the end result is still serious wood damage.

Pests may like the same diet as you

Many pests will enjoy the same foods you and your family enjoy eating. Just as you wouldn't invite them to sit and eat with you at the table, you also don't want them eating straight out of the box. Roaches, ants, mice, rats, and many other types of pests will get into your food any time you give them the opportunity.


The most effective way for you to continuously maintain a pest-free living situation is to have a commercial pest control company tend to your preventative pest control needs on a regular and ongoing basis. This way, they will be killing the live pests and returning in time to kill the ones that are newly hatched. This means your home will stay as pest free as possible.  

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