Spring Pest Control Tips For Households With Indoor-Outdoor Dogs

As the outdoor temperatures rise in the spring, so too does the flea population. And, if you have a dog that regularly goes outdoors, then they will invariably bring fleas into your home.  

Flea infestations are very hard to control and nearly impossible to completely eliminate when you have a dog. Thankfully, a professional pest control technician can spray your yard to kill the fleas and eggs that are present. And, with a regular pest control program, you can keep the majority of fleas away from your property and thus out of your house.

Once the fleas do get indoors, they quickly lay eggs and an infestation gets started. By taking proactive steps to prevent an infestation from taking hold, you can eliminate the threat before the fleas start multiplying and the situation gets out of control. To do so, follow each of these time-tested tips.

Tip: Treat Your Pet with a Monthly Flea Prevention Product

Since your dog is the transporter of the fleas from outdoors into your home, you should treat them with a monthly flea prevention product. These treatments are available over-the-counter and from your dog's vet and only require placing a few drops of insecticide medication on their neck fur. The medication isn't harmful and is very effective at keeping fleas off of your dog.

Tip: Wash Your Dog's Bed in Hot Water Every Week

When your dog comes indoors and lays down in their bed, fleas and flea eggs from outdoors are deposited and left behind in the bedding materials. The fleas who were brought indoors immediately start laying eggs in the bedding and before you know it a new flea infestation has begun. 

By washing your dog's bed in hot water at least once each week, all of the fleas and eggs present will be killed. This makes it a lot harder for an infestation to take hold.

Tip: Vacuum as Frequently as Possible with a High-Quality Machine

Vacuuming your carpets with a high-quality vacuum cleaner is one of the best ways to eliminate fleas and flea eggs from your living space. You need to use a machine with very strong suction to remove fleas and eggs from deep down between the carpet fibers. Since flea eggs are easier to remove than mature fleas and they take many days to hatch, vacuuming daily will go a long way towards keeping fleas out of your house.

Finally, when you are finished vacuuming, make sure you dump its dirt container into a plastic bag and seal it before depositing it in your outdoor trash can. For more information, reach out to pest control services like Affordable Pest Control Inc.