Besieged By Ants After Each Rain? Why It Happens And How To Fight Back

The common household ant, sometimes called a sugar ant, often invades homes during periods of heavy rain. If you have ever paused in your efforts to curb the invasion to wonder why this occurs, the simple answer is that flooding forces the insects out of their nests and makes them set out in search of food and shelter. Conversely, ants can also be motivated to invade homes and businesses when drought conditions force them to move farther from their nests to find the moisture they need to survive — which is why ants are often found in kitchens, bathrooms, and other moist areas. If you are growing wary of periodic battles with ants in your home, here are some tips to help you fight back and win. 

Improve cleaning strategies

A drop of syrup from morning pancakes, a few cookie crumbs, or a crust last night's pizza delivery are just a few of the foods that ants find irresistible. So it makes sense that removing available sources of food should be the first defense when going to war against these invading insects. Some ideas for removing available food sources include: 

  • always putting dirty dishes in the dishwasher immediately after use
  • wiping counters, tables and highchair trays with a food-safe cleaner after each meal or snack
  • vacuuming up crumbs on the floor each day 
  • requesting that your family eat all snacks and meals in designated eating areas, like the kitchen island or dining room table 

If your home has a dog or cat in residence, it can also be helpful to feed your pet on a schedule and then remove and clean their food dish after each feeding to keep pet food residue from attracting the interest of ants. 

Consider DIY baits 

If you are able to safely offer a DIY bait for ants in your home without any risk to children or pets, making a solution of borax and sugar may help you find temporary relief. To make the solution, mix one part household borax with three parts granulated sugar, then add enough warm water to dissolve the borax and sugar to form a syrup-like solution. Place the DIY bait in bottle caps under sinks, behind appliances, and in other places where pets and children cannot come into contact with it. 

While DIY baits may offer some relief from ants, a permanent solution must include dealing with any existing nests outside the home. Working with a reputable ant pest control service in your area can help you rid your property of these nests and eliminate further invasions.