Spider Prevention Tips To Keep Your Home Free Of Spiders

There are a number of spider species, which can differ depending on where you live. Some may be harmless house spiders, while others can be deadly. No matter what type of spider it is, most people don't want them in their home, whether they are harmless or not. If your home has spiders, there are things you can do to get rid of them and prevent them from returning. Read on for spider prevention tips.

Seal Your Home

Seal your home up to protect it from spiders and other pests. Seal small holes or cracks both inside and outside your home using caulk, concrete caulk or fill, screens, and repair door and window seals. Tiny holes and cracks are easy openings for pests to get into your home. If you see any daylight at all around doors or feel any type of draft, it can be an opening for pests. Make those repairs to seal your house.

Remove Rubble And Debris

Debris or rubble close to the house, inside your basement or in your garage can house spiders and their nests. Remove this rubble and debris to get rid of spiders and to prevent attracting other pests to your home as well. Even wood piles close to your home can attract pests. If you have piles of wood or other piles such as lumber, leaf piles, or yard scrap piles, just be sure to keep them as far away from your home as possible. In your garage, clean it out as much as you can. If you have piles of junk, get rid of it. If you don't need it or can't use it any longer, get rid of it. 

Turn Off Exterior Lights

Exterior lights will attract bugs to your home, and they can also attract spiders. Spiders will eat those bugs and you may notice a lot of spider webs close to these outside lights. Don't leave your porch lights on if you don't need them to be on. The same goes for all of your outside lighting. Even if you have your indoor lights on and they are visible from outside, it can attract spiders. Close the blinds or the curtains to prevent attracting outside spiders into your home.

Clip Back Tree Limbs

Trees that have limbs that are hanging over your home can attract pests, including spiders. Cut back any limbs that are hanging over your house. Remove trees such as pine, spruce and fir trees that are close to your home or have limbs that hang too closely to the house. These close limbs or trees can lead spiders (and other pests) directly to your home. 

If you have spiders in your home and you aren't sure where they are coming from or how to get rid of them, hire professional pest control companies like Godfather's Exterminating, Inc. that specializes in spiders to help get rid of them for you.