Bed Bug Problems In Your Area? How To Keep Your Home Bed Bug Free

Just the very thought of laying down in the comfort of your bed and being attacked by bed bugs while you sleep is enough to send shivers up anyone's spine. The gnawing little pests leave telltale marks that remind you of their existence and this alone can make it very unsettling to rest peacefully at night. If you've had friends or neighbors complain about bed bugs and are determined to keep them out of your home, here are a few suggestions you can use to help make it happen.

Be Careful Where You Unpack

If you ever stay at a hotel or spend the night with family members, you must be extra vigilant about where you unpack your luggage. It's pretty common for some people to arrive back at home, place their suitcases on the bed, and remove all of the contents. Although this might be super convenient, it could lead to pest problems.

Bed bugs often travel from place to place by attaching themselves to clothing and other belongings. If the place where you were staying had bed bugs and you unknowingly brought them back to your house via the luggage, you definitely don't want to make it easy for the insects to gain access to the very spot where they love to call home: Your bed.

Instead of unpacking in your bedroom, a better idea would be to take the luggage to the garage or another sterile place with no carpet fibers and leave the bags there for a day or two. Take your clothes out of the suitcases and place the garments inside of a washing machine that is full of hot, steamy water. This should kill off any bed bugs that might be hiding in the clothing so you won't risk taking them into your living spaces.

Use Vinyl Mattress Covers Whenever You Can

Using vinyl mattress covers can also help prevent the spread of bed bugs. The vinyl makes it nearly impossible for the bugs to nestle into the cushioned layers of your mattress and start reproducing. If bed bugs are on your bed, it will be much easier to see them on the vinyl covering as opposed to searching for them once they are deep inside of a mattress.

Keeping bed bugs out of your home should be a top priority. Follow these tips and hopefully you won't have to ever deal with an unwanted infestation.

For additional tips or if you end up with an infestation, contact a bed bug removal company.