2 Humane Options For Catching Moles

Think of moles as nature's soil aerators. These carnivorous creatures tunnel underneath the soil in search of grubs and other burrowing insects, breaking up compacted soils and leaving tell-tale ridges in their wake. This might not be so bad if moles weren't wrecking your already well-tended yard. Fortunately, there are plenty of perfectly humane ways to capture and release moles elsewhere.

1. The Trap Can

For this method, you'll need to find a freshly created ridge that's currently being used for the mole's morning food runs. Once you've found one of these ridges, use a shovel to dig into the tunnel and then create a hole underneath the tunnel that's large enough to insert a three-pound coffee can or a similarly-sized jar. Don't forget to cave in both sides of the tunnel near the trap. Once you have the trap in place, cover the opening with a board.

The theory behind the trap can trick is that the mole will dig through the collapsed tunnel section, only to fall into the trap can. Check the trap periodically, as moles are active at many times throughout the day and night. Once you have a mole trapped inside the can, cover it tightly and remove it from the tunnel. Afterward, you can find another area to humanely release the mole or take it to your nearest humane society for relocation.

2. The Shovel Trick

This method requires three shovels, a bit more participation on your part and a little luck. Start by looking for any recently built molehills in your lawn or garden. Take a shove and flatten those molehills, then observe from a vantage point at a reasonable distance from those molehills you've flattened. Moles might not have the best eyesight, but their keen sense of smell and ability to detect the faintest of vibrations mean you'll need to keep your distance for this trap to work.

After flattening the molehill, it's likely that the mole will return to repair it. When this happens, you'll need to rush in and trap the mole in its small section of tunnel. Use the two shovels to block off each end of the tunnel and then use another shovel or a garden trowel to dig the mole out of the trap.

Catching a mole requires getting your hands dirty. If that's not your thing, then don't hesitate to have a pest control company like K2 Kritter Solutions step in to handle your mole problem.