Get Rid Of Bothersome Bats

If you find yourself being divebombed by bats when you step out onto your porch, or you find out you have them in your attic, then you will want to take steps to persuade them to leave you and your home alone. There are some things you can try to get the bats away from your house. However, if these things don't work, then you will find it much easier and effective to call someone out to take care of the problem for you. Here are some of the things you may want to try if you would like to try to get rid of them on your own first.

Try sound waves

Some people have luck getting rid of bats by plugging in electronic devices that put off sound waves that don't register to the human ear. However, the sound waves can be heard by bats, and they don't like the sound. Therefore, the bats will leave and go somewhere else where they won't have to put up with the sound anymore. While some people find these devices to work great for them, there are other people who don't see that they make any difference at all. So, you want to be prepared for the chance of them not working as well as you would like, but you may also get lucky.

Try peppermint oil

Bats generally don't like peppermint oil. In some cases, getting rid of bats can be as easy as soaking cotton in peppermint oil and placing the cotton all around the areas where you know the bats return to before sunrise. However, like the sound waves, some find this works well for them, and others find they have stubborn bats who don't mind peppermint oil enough to make them stay away. If the peppermint oil does work, you'll need to remember to hang fresh cotton regularly so that it stays nice and strong to keep the bats from returning.

Keep bats out in the first place

As soon as you know you have bats inside an area of your home, you want to wait for them to leave during the evening hours, then go in and make sure you seal up every area where they could come in. It is important to understand bats can fit in such small cracks you may think it impossible, so absolutely every tiny crack must be closed off with screen or caulking.

Hang a bat box

When you try any of the methods above, it may also help to offer the bats a good alternative regarding where to go. Hang a bat box in a tree far enough from your home that you wouldn't mind them being there. After all, they will help cut down on the mosquitoes you have in your yard.

Contact a company like Voss Wildlife Control for more information and assistance with bat removals.