Tips for Keeping Bugs and Rodents Under Control in Your Large Commercial Building

Controlling bugs can be a challenge in a big commercial building, especially if you have your own cafeteria. An integrated pest management plan is a good way to prevent pests so they don't disgust your visitors and employees. An integrated plan involves prevention steps along with treatments. Here are some important steps for controlling pests in your building.

Control Garbage Odors

Food is a primary attractant for bugs and rodents. It can be difficult to keep crumbs cleaned up if employees are allowed to snack at their desk and if you have multiple vending machine areas. Daily sweeping and cleaning keeps crumbs to a minimum. Eliminating garbage odors from waste cans is even more important. Always use trash bags and seal them before throwing the bags in the dumpster outdoors. Try to prevent throwing loose food in the dumpster because it will attract all kinds of pests. Empty trash daily to get odors out of the building, and seal all garbage cans that may hold onto odors even when they're empty.

Keep Bugs Outside

Have all the gaps in the building sealed so bugs can't get inside. This includes adding door sweeps so bugs can't slide underneath doors, especially doors in the alley where pests might be more plentiful. Try switching the lighting, especially over the back doors that are close to the dumpster. Some lights attract bugs more readily than others. Sodium vapor lights and some LED (light-emitting diode) lights attract fewer bugs, and your pest control company might recommend installing them in areas that are prone to drawing bugs toward the door. If you have a door that needs to be opened frequently or left open for periods of time, you may want to install an air curtain that blows air over the doorway so bugs are discouraged from flying inside.

Dry Out the Building

Since bugs and rodents are attracted to water, it's important to keep the inside and outside of your building dry. Have leaks repaired, and make sure rain drains away from the building. Water damaged areas should also be repaired as quickly as possible, or a variety of bugs will be attracted to the damp and rotting wood.

Work with a Commercial Pest Control Company

An expert in commercial pest control, such as Paffy's Pest Control, is able to offer many suggestions for preventing pests you may not think of yourself. This might include changing landscaping to plants that repel insects and inspecting the building from the roof to the foundation. Regular pest control treatments help as well; they kill bugs that are present and prevent their return through the use of baits and residual pesticides.

Controlling pests on a commercial scale can be tricky due to the sheer size of the building, its location near lots you can't control, or proximity to dumpsters. Working with an exterminator is the best way to keep annoying bugs and rodents out of your building and away from your employees and guests.