The Weather Outside Is Frightful: 3 Reasons Your Home Is So Delightful For Pests

Pests may not seem like a major concern once the weather becomes cooler, but when you consider pests are looking for a warm place to stay, you quickly realize the threat. There are several reasons your home might be the right place for pests to pay a visit.

1. Structural Vulnerabilities

Even small structural issues can be exploited by pests. You should have your home regularly evaluated for structural issues, such as changes in the foundation, holes in the roof, or openings around door and window frames. The cooler weather often makes it easier to identify problems, since you might notice it is harder to heat your home or your feel drafts coming inside. Weatherproofing your home can also minimize the chance of pests entering.

Installing plastic film over the outside of windows is a quick solution for drafts if you cannot have the windows fixed professionally. For doors with a gap at the bottom, a door sweep or the installation of a storm door can help. Pipes and vents can be harder for the average homeowner to fix since you must use the right caulking to minimize gaps and it is not always safe for novices to touch different pipes.

2. Cluttered Yards

Falling leaves are a major cause of clutter in your yard. It is important to regularly rake leaves and try to do so before the leaves become wet and are harder to remove. Decaying leaves and large piles of leaves are just another attraction for pests. Many people who have a wood-burning fireplace or stove may leave piles of wood in the yard.

Both leaves and wood are an ideal place for pests to nest and keep warm as the temperature drops. Some types of pests are also attracted to wood as a food source. Ideally, you would keep wood, toys, or any items you typically keep outside in a storage shed or other protected location. If this is not possible, try to keep these items further away from your home.

3. Damp Hiding Places

Pests are especially fond of damp areas because it may provide a source of water and some pests, such as cockroaches, generally thrive in humid conditions. Although you generally do not think of your home as damp during the colder months because heating your home can often lead to dry air, there may be places where humidity remains a problem. The most likely culprits are basements, attics, and crawlspaces.

These places often receive little air circulation and may be affected by leaks. You should routinely check these areas for problems with moisture. Smaller areas can be corrected by using a room dehumidifier. Larger issues, such as crawlspaces, need to be encapsulated by a professional.

The change in weather can bring additional concerns about pests. Being proactive can help you avoid common reasons pests might choose your home this winter. For more information and assistance, contact your local pest control company today.