A Few Things To Know About Carpet Beetles

Carpet beetles can be a big problem in your home without you even knowing they're around. That's because they hide in carpeting, food packages, and clothing, so they stay hidden most of the time. These pests can do a lot of damage to your belongings if you don't take steps to get rid of them. Getting rid of a full-blown infestation can be tricky since the bugs can be all throughout your house. Professional pest control treatments might be needed to stop their destruction. Here are some things to know about carpet beetles.

The Larvae Are Destructive

Adult carpet beetles don't feed on fabrics like the larvae do. The adults are tiny bugs that you may see wandering around your home. If you see small beetles, it could be a sign you also have larvae somewhere feasting on your fabrics. The larvae are destructive, especially if you have many of them, since they feed on your belongings and pantry items until they reach adulthood.

Carpet Beetles Can Hitchhike Inside

Adults prefer to live outside, but they will fly indoors occasionally and lay their eggs, which starts a cycle of pest problems. Adults like to eat pollen, so you might carry the bugs inside on plants and flowers you clip from the yard. You can also carry the beetles or their larvae home on used clothing or secondhand furniture. Therefore, you should always inspect used items before you bring them inside of your house.

Carpet Beetles Attract Other Pests

If your home is infested with carpet beetles and larvae, they might attract predators, such as spiders, to cause further pest problems in your home. However, the larvae aren't easy to eat. They have bristly hairs for protection from predators. These hairs can irritate your skin as well, and cause a rash if you encounter the larvae in your bed or couch. This is how they have a reputation for biting, but the bugs and larvae don't actually bite.

Eliminating The Bugs Requires Thorough Cleaning

You can eliminate some of the bugs by vacuuming your carpet, drapes, and furniture. You may also need to go through your closet and wash your clothing in hot water to kill the larvae. The pests can hide in paper as well, so you'll need to clean clutter and examine documents, books, and other paper items. Getting rid of the bugs can be a lot of work since adults can lay more eggs and repeat the cycle. Bringing in a pest control expert is the best way to get rid of carpet beetles fast and also eliminate other bugs that have moved in to feed on them.