Flowers Dying For No Reason And See Small Hills In Your Yard? You May Have Moles

If your flowers are dying and you are taking care of them, this can be very frustrating. If you also see small hills in your yard, you may have moles. Moles live underground and they dig tunnels. They also dig around your flowers which disrupts the flower roots. This will result in unhealthy or dead flowers. To help remove the moles, you should hire a pest control company. Below is more information about this, so you can have healthy flowers again.

Other Signs of Moles

Besides killing your flowers, you will see other signs that you have moles. For example, you will see dead grass around where they build their tunnels.

You will also see holes in your yard from collapsed tunnels. This can make your yard dangerous for young children, as well as pets, as they may step into the holes.

When the weather gets cold, the moles will likely dig holes closer to the foundation of your home. The holes will result in shifting soil, which can damage your foundation. This is because the soil helps support your home and if it is shifting cracks and other damage will appear on the foundation.  

If you have anything else installed underground, such as irrigation systems to provide water for flowers, these will also be damaged.

Remove Moles Humanely

To get the moles out of your yard you need to hire a pest control company. It is very difficult to remove the moles on your own, as they are mostly underground.

The pest control companies have ways to remove the moles and then take them to another area where they will not cause damage. They do this using humane traps. The trap used is known as a tunnel trap. The contractor installs the trap in the tunnels the moles have made. When they crawl into the trap a door automatically closes trapping the moles. If you have a lot of mole hills the contractor will install more than one trap in your yard.

The pest control contractor can also use ways to deter moles from coming into the yard. One way is to stick vibrating probes in the ground. Moles do not like the feeling of this vibration. Planting flowers that have a strong smell, such as marigolds, will also deter the moles.

Talk with the residential pest control company about this and they can give you more information to help you.