Think You Have Mice In Your Home? How To Know For Sure And Tips To Get Them Out

Now that the weather is getting colder mice must find ways to stay warm. This includes getting into homes. If you think you have mice but are note sure there are many ways to know. Below are some signs you can look for so you know for sure, as well as tips to get the mice out of your home.

Signs of Mice

One of the most common signs of mice is their feces. Their feces are like small, black, hard, pellets. You will see it anywhere the mice have been. This could be inside cabinets, drawers, on top of desks, on floors, and more. If you see the feces remove it immediately and then clean the area with a disinfectant spray to remove the germs.

Mice also like to chew on things. This could be wiring inside the home, things inside the trash can, and even insulation in your attic. If there are mice in the basement or crawlspace they may chew through duct work.

Tips to Get Rid of Mice

One of the most common ways to get rid of mice is using a snap trap. This type of trap is easy to use. You place a bait on the trap, set the trigger, and carefully put the trap where you think you have mice. Use more than one trap if you see feces in different areas. When a mouse takes the bait the trigger snaps and kills the mouse. Baits that work well include cheese, peanut butter, soft cheese, gum drops, and more.

Another type of mouse trip is a bait trap. This can be purchased at pet stores. This is a humane way to remove the mice as the trap does not kill them. With this there is a box with bait at the end of it. When the mouse enters the box the door automatically closes, and the mouse cannot get out. You do have to use more than one trap to catch all the mice or keep reusing the same traps.

Once you get the mice in the boxes release the mice in a field away from homes or other structures.

You will find sticky traps on the market. These traps have a sticky bottom so when a mouse runs across it they stick. There is no way the mouse can get off. This is not the most humane way to remove the mice as they do not die instantly.

If you continue to have pests in your home, contact a mice control company to get rid of them for you.