Tips For Dealing With A Termite Problem

As a homeowner, one pest you should be concerned about is termites. They have the potential to destroy a home by devouring woods that is necessary for structural support. If you see any indication that you have a termite infestation, you'll want to take some steps to get rid of them.

Remove Bare Wood

One thing that termites love to consume is bare wood, and they will find it if it's on your property. Bare wood can also attract termites to your home. The ideal way to deal with bare wood is to seal or paint the wood so that it has a protective layer on it. Fences should be sanded, stained, and sealed so that the bare surface is not exposed, and wooden eaves on your home will need to be sanded and painted. Using a primer on the wood will help prevent termites from consuming the wood.

Remove Water Source

One thing termites need to survive is water, and if they can find a water source, they'll stick around until the water runs out. Leaking pipes, faucets, and puddles around a home can all create a water source that allows termites to thrive. You'll need to take steps to remove these sources of water for them, which may involve making plumbing repairs or adjusting the grade of the soil, so water runs off to nearby sewers.

Use Landscape Sheeting

Termites are mostly underground and actually travel through tunnels that they create in the soil. If you can make it difficult for the termites to travel through their tunnels, they'll end up going to another place that is easily accessible.

You can bury the landscape sheeting under your garden beds to help fight those termites. By placing landscape sheeting under loose soil, it will prevent termites from being able to burrow up out of the ground or into the ground to create a tunnel.

Remove Mulch

Wood mulch can be a cheap and effective way to landscape your home, but it is going to attract termites like a magnet. If you want to use much, consider switching to mulch made out of rubber material. Rubber will keep the soil moist and help your plants grow but won't give termites more wood to consume. When combined with landscape sheeting, it can be an effective way to keep termites away.

If these tips are not doing the trick, you'll want to reach out to a local pest extermination company like Carroll Exterminating Company for assistance.