Got Gnats? Common Causes And How Pest Professionals Can Help

From mice and roaches to termites and spiders, it is easy to see how certain pests affect your home's structure, your emotional wellness, and your health. Even though they are not necessarily hazardous to your home or health, gnats can be annoying. Also known as fruit flies and vinegar flies, gnats are often confused with mosquitoes, but they are smaller and more difficult to control. With this guide, you will learn about the causes of gnats and how your pest control professionals can help.


Determining the exact cause will depend on the specific type of gnat found in your home.

Fungus gnats are most common. These gnats tend to linger around windows, doors, and potted plants since moisture is usually found in these locations. Fungus gnats are known to feed on decaying matter even though they do not usually cause any harm to your plants.

Fruit flies are another type of gnat. They are light brown in color and are usually found in the kitchen where fruits and vegetables are stored on countertops.

Phorid flies are another type of gnat that can be quite annoying. These flies are light brown or black in color and tend to have a humpback-like shape. Phorid flies are often a sign that there is an underlying sewer leak or a dead animal somewhere around or under your home.


If you seem to have a gnat problem in or around your home, pest professionals can help.

To get started, the professionals will inspect your home for any issues that may be attracting the gnats and other pests.

An excess of moisture inside or around the home will appeal to gnats. Your pest control team may measure the humidity levels inside your home, in the attic, and your crawlspace to determine if there is a moisture issue that needs to be addressed.

If moisture is seeping through your windows, which may also be attracting gnats, replacing the windows or sealing around the windows will be recommended. Removing potted plants from inside your home is also a common recommendation.

It is important to dispose of any fruit and vegetables that you are storing on your countertops as well. Make sure to place fresh fruit, vegetables, and other foods in your refrigerator to reduce the risk of gnats.

In severe instances where your home is infested with gnats, a fogging treatment may be necessary. This will fog the home with a pesticide that not only kills gnats but also larvae and other pests.